Jimmy’s Story

My name is Jimmy. I’m a 42 year old with diagnosed spastic colon/ irritable bowel syndrome.

I would end up sick locked in a restroom multiple times a day, most times a few days in a week. The only way I can describe what I would go through in the restroom would be the attempt to produce diamonds from coal by way of my intestines. This is caused by inflammation and spasming in my intestines.

My condition caused me to miss a lot of school from the fourth grade until I barely graduated high school due to truancy issues. After high school I discovered that cannabis effectively controlled my situation to the point that I could not recall the last time it made me sick. Yes, initially I was a recreational user, but I am too thankful I stumbled on to medicine that I believe has helped me lead a productive and successful life. I have been treating myself since the summer after my senior year. Since that time I have achieved my management degree where I graduated Magna cum laude.

I have worked at the same job for over 17 years where I consistently rank in the top percentile of my field and have been recognized multiple times with achievement and excellence awards and make bonuses on a monthly basis. Without medical cannabis I do not believe I would be where I am today.