ADHD in Tennessee: Why Alex Supports Medical Cannabis

Please please please, we need medical cannabis in Tennessee. My poor son needs something that works for his severe form of ADHD, believed to possibly be ASD.

He is smart and caring and hilarious, but his brain goes faster than even he can comprehend. If he had something to slow down the turbines so he could focus, it would be so beneficial to his life and well being.

I have researched his disorder, and many possible treatments for it, but nothing works without possibly severe problems. I shouldn’t risk my childs future and physical health for him to be able to calm down and focus. We have tried everything! I love him to death and don’t know what else could work.

Medical cannabis is natural, and the only thing we have yet to try. Please let our son get a chance to live a normal life. If not just for my son but for veterans, cancer patients and survivors, people with nerve disorders, depression, PTSD, and crippling illnesses, and even those struggling with addictions. Let nature cure them the way God has intended it to.