A Ray of Hope

For nearly two years, we've followed the story of Brandon Gilbert and his 
family's search to have cannabis-based treatment for his son's seizures.  

Here is Brandon's first update since his son began taking Charlotte's Web oil in 
mid-March. Don't miss this inspiring and informative story: https://goo.gl/QReu69 

Fortunately, this is a ray of hope for cannabis law reform in TN.   As you'll 
read, Brandon has been able to safely and legally possess the oil he has 
desperately sought, now that the TN General Assembly passed a law allowing it.  
This is just the first baby step in what is truly needed for the citizens of 

Greene Family At Center Of Push For Medical Marijuana

This is the powerful story of a Greene County family seeking a state waiver that would protect them from prosecution should they seek a medicine derived from cannabis for their child.

“There is absolutely no side effects with the cannibis oil. And she would not get high from this,” Mathes said.  “But here we are now doping her up with prescription medications that have major side effects,” she said.  “We don’t want to go to Colorado (to live), but we have to take care of our daughter,” she said.

Read the whole story here: http://goo.gl/FFYnO9Greene family

TN Family Moves to Colorado for Cannabis Treatment

Heartbreaking story on a Nashville area family who is moving to Colorado to seek treatment for their 5 year old son, Ryan Gilbert, who suffered from a stroke when he was a baby, and needs cannabis oil to help with treatment for his seizures.

Father, Brandon Gilbert, “We love Tennessee. Nashville, I consider it home but it’s not a hard decision. We’re at our last chance to help him have a typical, normal life.”

You can see his story from Fox 17 here.